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About Dena

I have been a Realtor for over 14 years now, but my love for houses started over 25 years ago. My father is a contractor and was building houses before I was born. He continued to build, remodel, and restore houses through out my Childhood. It became a family company and we work together as a family.

We learned how to build houses from the ground up along with strong work ethic, positive customer service, and many other valuable skills.

Working on houses for so many years has allowed me to help buyers view houses in a totally different way. The paint might be pretty, but it isn’t the most important aspect. I can also help them sort out small issues vs a big issue.

Sellers also want to know what they can do to improve the sale of their house and what the costs might be if any before they list the house. Assisting them with staging ideas, curb appeal, and flow of traffic through out the house is also part of it. The first impression is the most important one!

I understand that buying or selling a home is more than just a transaction: it’s a life-changing experience. I am here to help you make your real estate dreams come true.